The Short Version

With over 20 years of extensive experience in both business and psychology fields, I have developed a style of therapy that is genuine, supportive and encouraging to my clients. Creating a safe and non-judgmental space allows my clients to explore difficult and sometimes painful emotions, thoughts and experiences.  I also strive to inspire a strong vision with clear objectives by use of a strength-based and mindfulness approach to counseling. Skilled at motivating, coaching and inspiring clients to facilitate change and establish a strong vision.

The Longer Version

I did not start my career in the helping profession. In fact, I was initially drawn to business and finance. I grew up in my family's restaurant business in San Diego and started working at a very young age. Naturally, that led me to obtaining a Business degree from San Francisco State University in the late 90’s. I had a clear goal of working for one of the BIG 5 Accounting Firms (at that time), which I did. Spending a few years working closely with Firm Partners in Corporate America gave me a glimpse into what my life would be if I continued on that path. Ultimately, I decided against working 16 hour days, flying to different cities and living away from my future family.

After months of deliberation, I realized becoming a therapist was in the cards for me. Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I've always had a caring and nurturing personality, so this interest led me to study psychological science. After earning my Graduate Degree in Psychology from CSU, Chico in 2001, I entered the Behavioral Health industry to explore my passion for helping others change their lives for the better. With a lot of hard work and dedication, eventually I became a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in January 2008. I worked in many different settings because I wanted to be a well-rounded therapist and also to determine where I would be the best fit in order to make the most difference. I did just that.

After about 10 years of direct service, I realized that teaching beginning therapists would be a perfect next step in my career. Soon after, I accepted a position at a local agency and became a Supervisor… and then a Clinical Program Manager… which then led me to seek a position focused on Quality Assurance & improving client-care.  This led me to pursue an MBA from CSU, Chico in 2017 to further my knowledge and experience in Business. I am one of those rare individuals who can integrate an awareness of business complexities with interpersonal factors to generate effective decisions for success.


After The Camp Fire in November 2018, I took some time to reflect on my next life quest. Opening The Mindful Practice is a culmination of personal and professional experience and I am committed to working diligently to help my clients find the answers they seek.  I’ve worked in the Central Valley including Butte County, San Francisco and the greater Sacramento area. I truly care and am committed to the well-being of my clients. I go above and beyond to understand their circumstances that are unique to their lives.

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